Meet The Seibel Crew

This may be super silly but I thought it’d be fun to share some fun little facts about each of my family members ( including me!) That way you feel like you get to know us a little better! I tried to go with things people might not normally know! Hope you enjoy them!!! I have to say my family is adorable!!


Meet Caleb

  • His favorite food  is Steak (cooked at Medium Raw).  He loves sunflower seeds & moutain dew while road tripping.
  • If he’s going to purchase something he will research it for weeks ( sometimes months).
  • He just shot his 1st deer this past Saturday ( 12/ 6/15).  He also wears cowboy boots & flannel which makes him my favorite small town, country boy!
  • I ( Joee) was his 1st official girlfriend and had to do most of the pursuing because he was so shy!
  • He’s a pretty serious guy but has a secret goofy side that only comes out around me ( shh… don’t tell him I told you.)
  • He has a HUGE heart that I love so much!

Guilty Pleasure:

He loves to read facebook arguments in the comments.  Next time you read an article on facebook check out the comments they’re usually pretty interesting.




 Meet Joee

  • My favorite foods are french fries, anything covered in gravy & chocolate.  I love gummy snacks & coke for road trips.
  • I’m obsessed with wearing/ buying dresses usually from Maurices & Francescas. They make me feel pretty.
  • I have a serious TV addiction.. I pretty much watch any show that involves some drama. I go through shows like people go through underwear! haha
  • I’m a HUGE night owl… if I go to bed before 3 am it’s a early night! I just work better at night ( and love sleeping in.)
  • My most newest hobby is arranging bouquets from flowers I buy at Dillons for no more than $20! In another lifetime I’d like to think I’d have a cute little coffee/ floral shop!

Guilty Pleasure:

I’m slightly obsessed with coloring my hair blonde. I’ve always dreamed of having Reese Witherspoon blonde hair. ( But I doubt I ever go that blonde… well who knows..) Thankfully I have an AMAZING hair stylist ( who’s actually a past bride/ close friend.)




 Meet Carlee

  • She was the 1st doggie we adopted and we drove all the way to Missouri to get her.
  • When we first got her she was very nervous ( and still is) but has gotten much better since we’ve adopted her sister, Leia!
  • She has a huge personality and is very vocal.  If she wants something she’ll let you know.  She also knows the words “carrots”, “treats”, “car ride” & “alfie” ( who is her boyfriend). This really helps when I’m trying to get her attention for pictures.
  • During the day she spends most of her time in her cage ( out of choice) because she feels so comfortable & safe. However, in the evening once Caleb is home she’s gets a lot more snuggly.
  • She loves car rides, carrots & going for walks! ( Oh and fighting with her sister of course!)

Guilty Pleasure:

She love chasing the pesky backyard squirrel. If you want to see her excited ask her where the squirrel is.




Meet Leia

  • She’s the reason I don’t get baby fever. She’s my little baby!
  • Caleb truly rescued her and at first I wasn’t sure I wanted to have another dog but now I can’t imagine not having 2 dogs! They are such good company for us & each other!
  • She loves to snuggle & give kisses. ( So watch out when she greets you!)
  • She is a huge people person. So of course she loves when company comes over.
  • She’s majorly obsessed with her toy squirrel.. She won’t let you stop throwing it for her. Instead she’ll just keep bringing it closer while looking up at you with her big ol’ eyes!
  • She has a hard time playing with other dogs besides Carlee.. I think it’s because she’s worried they’ll take her toys.

Guilty Pleasure:

She’ll eat ANYTHING and is always hungry. I think that before we adopted her she didn’t get much food. Poor thing!


Meet the Seibel Crew

December 9, 2015

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