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I’m continuing my timeline series and going over tips for having a successful 1st look + Bride& Groom photos! If you missed my tips about getting ready / details you can see it here.  The first look & Bride/Groom Photos are a very important part of the day! If possible I prefer to shoot them outside because usually the light is the best. We have to work off the lighting which means depending on the time of day we stick to the shaded spots. However, if a couple tells me they really want their first look inside in the sanctuary we will definitely make that work. I should also mention that if a couple chooses to have a 1st look ( which I HIGHLY recommend) I try to arrive about 5 hours before the ceremony to fit in all the photos beforehand.


First Look Tips:

  • Keep it as intimate & private as possible which means it should be the bride, groom & photographers.  It’s important to have a private location as well. That way the couple feels comfortable which leads to more genuine reactions.
  • Allow 15 minutes even though it may not take that long. This is one of the most special moments of the day and it shouldn’t be rushed. I don’t interrupt my couples until they look at me with their, “okay, what’s next face”.
  • Bring the Bride’s bouquet but put it to the side. That allows us to have the bouquet for bride & groom photos right after but still lets you have your hands free for a more personal reaction. ( It’s easier to hug, kiss, hold hands without a bouquet.)
  • Ignore the photographers & enjoy your moment! This is most likely the only time you’ll have to just chat with your loved one. The day will get crazy so just cherish your time together!
  • Don’t be afraid to cry because the makeup can be retouched! Your wedding day is going to be an emotional day and it’s okay to let those emotions come out!
  • Show off your whole outfit! Do a little twirl, show him the back of your dress too! Don’t forget to show off the shoes! One of my favorite 1st looks the groom was so excited to show off his shoes & socks!

Bride & Groom Portraits Tips:

  • Allow 30-45 minutes because if for some reason the weather gets horrible later and you aren’t able to take sunset photos at least you’ll have some good portraits from earlier in the day.
  • Plan a little extra time if we have to travel to another location for photos. For instance, if you’re having a church wedding, I would highly suggest driving to the nearest park for some photos.
  • Trust others to get tasks done!! That way you can enjoy your time together! The day goes by crazy fast and this time you have together before you’re officially husband & wife is so special!
  • Keep the crowd away.. I know it’s tempting to want your whole bridal party or family around during your Bride & Groom photos but they can be super distracting. It’s very difficult to create those romantic photos if you’ve self conscious about people watching you. ( This is especially true for guys!)
  • Don’t rush!!! This is huge because Bride & Groom photos are SO important!!! These are the images you’re going to hang on your wall. That’s why it’s important to allow your photographer enough time to create something magical for you.
  • Have your Bridal party prepping for their photos while the Bride & Groom photos are being taken. Put boutonnieres on the groomsmen!  If we have to stop and wait 15-30 minutes for the groomsmen to get their boutonnieres on it can really make everything else rushed. Also, make sure your bridesmaids have their bouquets.

Hopefully, these tips will help your have a smooth and less stressful day. It’s incredibly important to make sure you give your photographer enough time to capture every part of your big day! This will not only affect the amount of photos you’ll receive but also the creativity behind them. The first look & Bride/ Groom photos are my favorite part of the day because they’re full of so emotion!! I know I already mentioned this but don’t be afraid to let your emotions out!

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First look + Bride & Groom Portraits Timeline Tips

March 9, 2016

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