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In case you missed it I’ve been going over timeline tips throughout a wedding day to help make the day as smooth as possible. So far I’ve covered Getting Ready, 1st look + Bride & Groom portraits. If you haven’t already read those posts then I highly recommend it!  Today I wanted to touch on one of the most stressful parts of a wedding day but also extremely important… the family portraits. We all know that the family photos on a wedding day can cause a lot of stress because they’re usually tons of people around. It can be overwhelming for a bride & groom, so I’m going over some helpful tips to hopefully make the family photos less stressful ( & quick!)


Family Portrait Tips:

  • Keep your list short ( 8-10 groups.) If possible try to keep it to your immediate family ( plus your grandparents!)  Adding lots of extended family can get really overwhelming for everybody. Remember that we can always grab more large group shots at the reception.
  • Take your family photos outside if possible! This will give them a more natural look & seem a lot less formal. ( Unless you want them formal!)
  • Tell your family to arrive 15-30 minutes before the family portraits start. This way hopefully everyone is there on time!
  • Find out what expectations your parents have for family photos.  Most likely they’re the ones paying for the photographer and have certain photos they want in mind.
  • Have a coordinator there to round up your family! This makes a HUGE difference in the smoothness of photos. Your photographer doesn’t know your family, so it makes it super difficult to round them up.
  • Remind your family members that they get copies of your professional photos, so they can put their camera away & enjoy themselves. It can be confusing if there are people standing behind the photographer trying to take photos as well.
  • Inform your photographer of any stressful family dynamics. For instance, I’ve had couples tell me that their divorced parents don’t get along so we try to keep them on different sides of the couple in photos. ( This is something I ask on my questionnaire.)
  • Take deep breaths.. This is probably one of the most stressful parts of the day. The Bride & Groom are most likely getting tired of taking photos and we all know that family can be stressful at times. But keep in these are important photos to have and hopefully won’t take too long. * Another reason for a small family photo list.*

Hopefully if you follow these simple tips your family portraits will go quickly & smoothly. Keep in mind that you can always grab the huge family shots during the reception because you can have the DJ announce it. Personally, I never like yelling or screaming for people because I don’t want to add to the stressful situation. I’ve shot several weddings where the family portraits just went so incredibly smoothly that I can’t believe it’s over.  There is no rule saying family photos have to be stressful!!

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Family Portrait Timeline Tips

April 13, 2016

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