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Have you ever wondered ‘is having 2 photographers really worth it?’ Before I fell in love with photography I didn’t really know what the point of having 2 photographers was. It seemed like more of a fuss and more people tagging along with you all day. However, as I discovered my love for shooting weddings I learned how vital it was to have a 2nd shooter. One of the most frequent questions I get when someone is inquiring about my pricing is can they take off the 2nd photographer to save money. Well that and can they take off the engagement shoot. The answer to both of those is unfortunately no (and you can read more about why engagement shoots are so important to me here.) But today I just wanted to quickly go over some of the benefits of having a 2nd photographer and why I don’t shoot a weddings without one.

While I think it’s important to have 2 photographers I believe it is even more important that the 2nd shooter is reliable & consistent. I’m lucky that my amazing husband, Caleb, is always my 2nd shooter. Because we shoot every wedding together he has learned not only my style but also how I do things. This helps us move more efficiently because he usually knows what I want without me having to ask. It’s kind of like we have our own language. He’ll see me look at a table and can tell that I want it moved out of the way.  Now I know that not everyone can always having the same 2nd photographer but it’s good to always make sure they’re very experience and are well informed of your expectations. Now that I got that little nugget of advice out of the way here are some of the reasons why a 2nd photographer is so important.


2nd Photographer Benefits


  • Different perspectives

This probably seems like a duh one because obviously you get 2 different perspectives. But what I love is that when I’m shooting certain special moments from one view, Caleb’s able to capture another view that I can’t. For instance, one of my favorites is seeing how he captured the 1st look. Usually I’ll focus on the Groom’s face and Caleb will focus on the Brides’s. Also, Caleb will capture the Groom getting ready while I’m with the bride. Sometimes I could do both but in some cases the Groom gets ready in a total different location.

  • More photos

When you have another photographer having that other perspective allows you to receive more photos. Usually we don’t have a ton of time on wedding days so in order to provide my couples with as many as photos as possible, Caleb will shoot at different angles & lens to provide a variety of images. I always think it’s so fun to see the different angles he shoots at. Sometimes he’ll focus more on the close up shots while I’m shooting further back or vice versa.

  • Reduces Stress

Knowing that there are 2 photographers around helps provide extra backup in case one photographer happens to miss a moment or if something happens to their equipment (which is why we have a backup camera). There was a time when I’d photograph weddings by myself and let me tell you I felt so much more stressed. Now that Caleb shoots weddings with me I feel more at ease knowing that he’s also there capturing those special moments. I don’t have worry that if I take a 5 minute bathroom break that’d I’d miss something because he’s there. It also helps the bride & groom not stress about their photographer missing special moments by knowing you have 2 photographers there throughout the day.

  • Saves Time

Having another photographer to split some of the duties with allows the bride and groom more time celebrating their day and less time taking pictures. For instance, when I’m photographing the bridal party I start with the Bridesmaids and then Caleb will focus on photographing each groomsmen with the groom. Then we swap which helps save at least 10 to 15 minutes and then people aren’t just standing around waiting. Also, there are times where the day gets behind and I don’t have time to grab details shots of the reception decor before the ceremony, in this case I’ll usually send Caleb over to capture the reception decor before the guests get in there. I especially like getting at least one big shot of the reception room without guests.


These are just a few of the reasons why I don’t shoot a weddings without my awesome 2nd shooter. It really does make a huge difference on a wedding day. I’ve noticed that my wedding days flow much smoother when I have a 2 photographer. So hopefully if you were undecided on whether or not it’s worth the added cost to have 2 photographers this post has helped confirm that indeed it is worth it!

In His Love,




*Here are a few photos from Caleb’s perspective from recent weddings*







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Why I Won’t Shoot A Wedding Without A 2nd Photographer

July 27, 2016

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