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The other day Caleb & I were out walking ( this is where we think the best) and Caleb had this wonderful idea! He suggested that we start a 12 week photo challenge. I’m sure you’ve probably seen people host a 52 week photo challenge where you take a photo every week based off what the subject is that week. Well I didn’t really want to do one that lasted that long so instead we decided  on 12 weeks! We personally wanted to challenge ourselves to push our creativity and think outside the box.  We came up with 12 fun subjects.  But here is the fun part.. we want YOU to join us on this challenge! Now this isn’t a competition or anything this a challenge to yourself to improve your photos skills.


How to participate?!

I really want to see your  images as we go through this photo challenge together!! So each week when you post your weekly image on Instagram, tag me @momentsofgracephotos & use the hashtag #12momentsofgrace.  Make sure to do both because if your Instagram setting are private I won’t be able to see your images unless you tag me! Now if you don’t have Instagram that’s totally fine you can either post your image on your facebook  and tag Moments of Grace Photography, or you can post your image on Moments of Grace’s facebook wall.  Don’t forget that it has to be a photo you’ve take that week and make sure you post it by the following Monday ( or sooner) for it to count! Also, make sure you mention what week you’re posting! But that’s only if you want to follow along with us!


Who can participate?!

ANYONE!– You don’t have to be a photographer or even have a DSLR camera. You can even use your phone ( because we all know you can take pretty neat images with your phone!) Maybe you have a nice camera but haven’t taken the time to play around with it. Well now is the time! Fun fact: when I started out in photography I did a 52 week challenge ( I wasn’t any good) BUT it helped me improve and learn different aspects of my camera.



That’s right.. I want you to participate so bad that I’m including some fun incentives! Each week I’m going to choose one of my favorite images that I feel shows the most creativity ( no matter what camera was used) to be featured on my blog when we also share our image of the week! Also, that person will receive a fun little surprise in the mail! And the best prize will come at the end of the challenge…only people who participate in all 12 weeks will be entered to win the grand prize!!


When does it start?!

THIS WEEK! ( August 1- October 23) YAY!  The first challenge is to introduce yourself! You can take a self portrait or use an object that represents you.. whatever you want to do! Don’t be afraid to set outside the box. But just remember the the challenge is to take a photo EACH WEEK from the list we provided.




Also, don’t worry if you start the challenge late & feel free to encourage your friends to join you! I’m so excited to not only see how this challenge improves my own creativity (& Caleb’s) but to see everyone’s images!!! Don’t forget to use #12momentsofgrace on your images!!

In His love,



Week 1 Results: Introduce Yourself


Joee’s Photo-

The first week was to introduce yourself.. and boy was it a tough one!!! It took me forever to come up with a cute idea cause I wanted something fun!! So here we are… My name is Joee and I love pink balloons, bike riding with my love & my doggies ( I could only fit Leia into the basket though!)


Caleb’s Photo-

This is my submission for week one of ‪#‎12momentsofgrace‬ “Introduce youself”. Besides being a representation of my interests and personality the items pictured have sentimental value. Growing up I loved reading Louis L’amour books and these are a few that were passed down to me by my Grandpa Ramsey. The skull is from my first deer I got hunting with my mom last December. When not posing for pictures this skull hangs on the wall in our guest room thanks to my uncle Alan Seibel for making it into a mount for me.


Pic(k) of the Week- Kim Scott
Entry 1 for #12momentsofgrace photo challenge. The introduction: I’m just a girl with a Polaroid who loves her husband (gifter of the glass bottle), enjoys thrifting and can’t seem to buy sunglasses without the help and opinion of my bestie.



Week 2 Results: Seasonal


Joee’s Photo-

So as summer comes to a close I thought it’d be fun to show 2 of my fav things about this season. My love of ice cream from College Hill Creamery & the hubs wedding ring since in the summer we celebrate our anniversary too! I may be sad to see summer go (it’s been a good one). But I’m SO excited for the BUSY fall ahead (plus cooler temps!!!)


Caleb’s Photo-

I love the summer but don’t always love some of the responsibilities it comes with as you can see I’ve let my lawn get a little out of control…
Mowing is one of the things I always associate with the summer as it was my summer “job” from elementary school through high school and even a few summers in college.


Pic(k) of the Week- Jessica Hansmeyer
I just want summer to last forever!



Week 3 Results: Learning

Joee’s Photo-

I thought since it’s back to school time it’d be fun to get Carlee ready for her 1st day of school. ( Now who wants to tell her that they don’t actually let doggies go to school? ) Side note: Did you know that they make backpacks for dogs? Well me either but thank you Amazon for showing me how to be a real crazy dog mom. ( Cause I really love it!) Sadly, they’re sold out now cause I wanted one for Leia!
Since Carlee was our 1st fur baby, I’ve practiced taking her photos so many times that she’s quite a pro!  She loves learning new tricks unlike her stubborn sister who wants the treat without working for it. Next week is animals and I’m going to have a hard time topping this week’s idea.. whoops!


Caleb’s Photo-

This is my submission for week 3 of the #12momentsofgrace challenge “Learning”. Today I helped my mentee practice changing a tire so whenever he gets a flat he can handle it with confidence. Being a mentor is a lot fun but I don’t always feel like I am qualified for the job because there is so much I am still learning myself. However, I remind myself that to be a good mentor I don’t need to be an expert I just need to be willing to share what I know.


Pic(k) of the Week- Desiree Hoskins

I love watching my nephews as they learn about teamwork. They have such great imagination & they were trying to figure out a way to tie these ropes into the bike so they could tow things around the campsite



Week 4 Results: Animals

Joee’s Photo-

Since I haven’t thrown the girls a birthday party in a couple years I thought this was the perfect time!! My Fall is going to be too busy to do one then!! I love these girls so much that sometimes I smother them with too much love & kisses ( like any normal mom… ahem.. dog mom, right?!) They had quite the party!! I think they’re feeling extra spoiled!! ( and now I’m certain my neighbors think I’m crazy but that’s okay! We know the truth.)


Caleb’s Photo-

This week’s challenge was “Animals”. Time for this week was running down and I was struggling to come up with an idea but luckily we live in Kansas and even in the city you are never too far from wildlife. While scouting out Pawnee Prairie Park for an upcoming shoot we stumbled upon a few deer including this fawn. They didn’t seem to be bothered by us and although they kept an eye on us they allowed me to get close enough for a good shot at them…I mean…of them.


Pic(k) of the Week- Rhonda Seibel



Week 5 Results: Laughter

Joee’s Photo-
This week’s #12momentsofgrace photo challenge was laughter! And it might be my favorite because wait for it…. I LOVE to laugh. Surprising right?! More importantly I love having lots of laughter in our marriage. I’m so blessed to be married to man that can make me laugh like no one else. And that he is willing to go along with my crazy ideas.. like a silly string fight + trying to capture it ourselves with a tripod! ( and it only took 3 tries.. success!) Pretty happy we got one to work out! (The people walking by enjoyed our crazy idea too!) I’m sure this photo will continue to make me laugh for many years! ( You can see more from our silly string fight here!)


Caleb’s Photo-
The theme for the week is “laughter” which made this week’s photo super easy because I am married to an amazing girl who LOVES to laugh. Joee’s laugh is both heartwarming and contagious. Don’t tell her but one of the biggest reasons I love re-watching The Office with her, is because it is guaranteed to make her laugh uncontrollably.


Pic(k) of the Week- Elizabeth Klenke
This picture seriously makes my heart smile. Eli and his great grandmother, Miriam. Miriam aka “Grandmother” (don’t call her grandma or you’ll hear about it) is one of my absolute favorite people to be around. She says the funniest things and keeps me laughing….so naturally I wanted to capture a picture with her in it since she’s in town!


12 Week Photo Challenge | #12momentsofgrace

August 1, 2016

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  1. Patti Bronson

    August 10th, 2016 at 9:46 am

    Hi Joee & Caleb! Great idea for the 12 week photo challange!

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