You guys…. it’s Moments of Grace’s 3rd birthday!! YAY!! Well technically it was September 1st but I’m just getting around to writing this post! We celebrated with new headshots & a silly string fight.. which we captured via tripod! ( See below!)  I can’t believe it’s been three years since I decided to take the biggest leap of faith and quit my full-time career job to pursue this crazy passion of mine. I’m constantly blessed by all the amazing people God allows me to meet!! And the friendships I’ve gained along the way! I’ve never felt more connected to a career than as I do with being a wedding photographer. It truly is the greatest job ever!!! To be completely honest I didn’t know you could actually love what you do THIS much… Don’t get me wrong.. it’s not always easy. But it’s 100% worth all the blood, sweat & tears!

I’m so incredibly thankful that Caleb has always believed in me & pushed me to pursue my dream!! I think back at how scary ( & slightly crazy) it was for me to quit my job when I did. I had only photographed 2 weddings and had 2 more on the books for that year. My following year wasn’t very booked either. It was very nerve-racking not knowing if I’d make enough each month to pay our bills. People probably thought I’d lost my mind but the whole time my amazing hubs continued to believe in me. He pushed me to keep going & trusting God.  And you know what?? God provided me with 19 weddings my 1st year of being full time! He’s an amazing God and he always provides. I still have to constantly remind myself that when I start to worrying about the future.

My business has grown so much in these past 3 years and the biggest change is that “my” business has turned into “our” business. Even though, Caleb is currently working another full-time job he has become so much more involved. I’m so excited for the day when he’s also full-time but until then I’m happy that he continues to be more involved. Not only does he shoot every wedding with me ( which I LOVE) but he helps out with so many things behind the scenes. I could go on & on about all things he does. If you know Caleb then you know he’s a man with a big heart & lots of creative ideas. I’m so thankful to have him as a part of Moments of Grace! I love being a husband & wife team!! I can’t wait to see how our business continues to grow. I can’t end this without saying a HUGE thanks to all my past & current clients, family, friends & fans. We couldn’t do this without you and I’m so blessed God has placed you in our lives!!! Cheers to year 4 and all the exciting things to come!!

In His Love,

Joee & Caleb




Moments of Grace turns 3!!

September 5, 2016

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