Bitty & Kyle were married on a gorgeous Septemeber day! The just was  perfect weather!!! They had their 1st look at the Wilderness Park in Pittsburg, KS. It was pretty empty which made it all the better. These two are just so adorable together! But seeing them with Kyle’s son, Eli, was just heart melting!! Little Eli looked so stinkin’ cute! Bitty & Kyle had a beautiful ceremony at Memorial Hall. It was decorated with lots of candles that made it feel so warm & intimate. Their reception was set up the same way. I loved how all the candles gave it a very romantic feel. I told Bitty that it reminded me too the Twilight wedding… yup.. I love that Twilight.

One of my favorite parts of their wedding day was how after the wedding, we took our dinner to a nearby pub with just the bride party + Kyle & Bitty. Now this wasn’t just any pub. This was the pub where Bitty & Kyle’s relationship really started to blossom. I love how different it was and that they got to eat somewhere that meant something to them. It so private & fun! Honestly, I felt like I was in an episode of How I Met Your Mother because they were all so close. And in that show, they’re always hanging out in a bar! Kyle & Bitty have such a fun group of friends. They made Caleb & I feel so welcome and included! I may have even shouted #squadgoals at them during bridal party photos. Oh and I just loved the emerald green bridesmaid dresses! I seriously want one! It was really such a fun day! You can really see the love between these two! We’re so incredibly honored we got to be their photographer! Enjoy!

In His Love,


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Bitty & Kyle | Emerald Green Wedding | Pittsburg, KS

September 21, 2016

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