When Katie told me that she wanted to have their engagement shoot at Brookscape Gardens in McPherson, KS, I was thrilled! It’s always so much fun shooting somewhere new!! It was a perfect spot for engagement photos. It was feeling more like Fall and then all the beautiful Fall decorations they had were a fun touch! I mean they even had this little table set up in the greenhouse. But it also helped that Katie & Patrick were so easy to photograph! I mean they’re a stunning together! At one point a baby possum couldn’t even help but watch them during their shoot! haha I tell ya they’re that cute! It’s the best feeling when you meet a couple for the 1st time and feel like we’re long lost, friends! That’s exactly how I felt with these two!

They have such a sweet love story. You see they actually went to high school together.  However, Katie knew of Patrick but he didn’t really notice her since he was a senior. It wasn’t until they saw each other at a friend’s wedding, that made Katie want to reach out to him.  So she sent him a tweet on twitter! I joked with them that out of the social media sites that it was twitter that kicked off their story!!! Anywho, after that, the rest is history! Patrick proposed at Katie’s Grandma’s 90th birthday party in front of her family! Also, Patrick had Katie’s ring custom made from diamonds from a necklace that his dad gave his mom! Isn’t that just the coolest story?!!  The stories God writes are just so fascinating. Anywho, I’m SO in love with their photos because these two are seriously the best! Hope you enjoy them!!

In His Love,


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Katie & Patrick | Brookscape Gardens Engagement | McPherson, KS

October 17, 2016

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