Last week I shared the incredible story of how we ended up moving to Emporia. In case you missed it you can read it here. I’ve been dying to share the 2nd part of our story where we *spoiler alert* found our dream home!!! I’ll try to keep it as condensed as I can because part 1 turned out to be a little longer than I planned! But there are many parts to this story!


The Hunt For Our Dream Home

We’ve been renting for the past 5 years and were SO over it! We were both so ready to be homeowners! So of course once the idea moving to Emporia came about we decided we wanted to look at buying. While still living in Wichita we would drive back occasionally to look at homes. But we didn’t have much luck! As I mentioned in my previous post we finally decided it’d be best to live in an apartment with a short term lease allowing us to continue house hunting.

If I could give you one piece of advice about buying a home… wait to buy a home till you’re actually living in the town you wanna buy your home. Before we moved to Emporia we were looking at home in certain areas because that’s where advised us to look. However, once we moved to Emporia we discovered we LOVED living close to downtown. We are huge night owls and love taking our dogs for late night walks downtown. That’s also where our favorite coffee shop, Granda Coffee Company. I loved being able to ride my bike or walk there. So once we discovered we wanted to live near downtown, it narrowed down our prospects a little. ( Sorry for that random tidbit of info!)

We were coming up on the 2nd week of November and we had about a month to find a house, close on that imaginary house & move in before our apartment lease ended at the end of December. We were both feeling discouraged like we wouldn’t find our home in time. We had looked about 10 houses already and none were even a possibility. Our relator, Lacie Hamlin, had informed us that the ideal time to look for a home is in the Spring because that’s when most owners list their home.  If a house did pop up it’d sell super quick! It was very disheartening.


  The Craziest Week Of Our Life

Now, this is the part of the story I’m most excited to share.  That 2nd week of November we were on vacation in Arizona for a photography conference. The day we got back from our trip Thursday, November 10, we were driving back from the airport and I decided to see if any new houses were on the market. The first house I saw online was this gorgeous, Victorian looking home. My heart started racing because it was literally my dream home! It had only been on the market for a day! I showed it to Caleb and of course, he loved it too. I felt in my heart that this was the house but of course houses go fast so I tried not to get my hopes up ( easier said then done, right?!) I immediately texted my realtor and told her we just had to see this house! Unfortunately, she was on vacation but one of her coworkers could show us the house on Saturday. I had a wedding that day so we thankfully we were able to see the house before we drove 2 hours to the wedding.

We loved the home but of course had some concerns… like anyone would about buying a home built in 1905! haha We saw it again a couple days later but this time took some friends & family with us to get their opinions. Being new to this whole process we were very nervous because it’s a big decision! After listening to their concerns we decided we better do the responsible thing… make a pros/cons list! Which we ended up doing at the dog park! We finally decided that yes indeed it was OUR dream home( quirks & all!) It may have lots of little projects but really what house doesn’t. I’ve always dreamed of buying an older home like this one and it just felt right! Oh and I should mention it’s only a couple streets from downtown ( & our coffee shop!)

That same week that we discovered our home something else happened! Caleb was informed about a job opening at Valunet a local internet company in town. One of thing holding us back from making an offer was finances. Caleb applied for the job and 2 interviews and about 4 days later he had the job! A job that was just so perfect for him and appeared out of nowhere! So the day after he got his job offer we put down an offer on our home!!! God was answering our prayers and telling that YES that was our house! It was seriously the craziest week of our lives!!! Now, this is super confusing so here’s a timeline! 🙂

  • Thursday, Nov 10 – Discovered House Online
  • Friday, Nov 11- Caleb learned about opening at Valunet
  • Saturday, Nov 12- Viewed the house for the 1st time
  • Sunday, Nov 13- Caleb applied for Valunet job
  • Monday, Nov 14- Viewed the house for the 2nd time
  • Tuesday, Nov 15- Caleb had 1st interview for Valunet
  • Thursday, Nov 17- Caleb had 2nd interview & received job offer/ accepted
  • Thursday, Nov 17- Viewed Home for 3rd time w/ family
  • Friday, Nov 18- We put an offer on the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Move In By Christmas?

So once we found our home the big question was, when will we get to move in? Of course, I really wanted to spend Christmas in our new home. Our scheduled closing date was December 22. The loan officer we worked with had his doubts that we’d actually close on time due to the Holidays. So I tried my best to not get my hopes up that we’d get to spend Christmas in our new house. But sure enough, we closed on December 22 and moved in THAT night! We were planning on just moving our smaller stuff but the only Uhaul available until after Christmas had to be returned by the next morning. So one of our AWESOME friends came and helped us move in all our big stuff. So it was just the 3 of us moving in all of our big stuff in the dark and cold! And to be honest I’m so weak I don’t know if I was much help. They worked till midnight and even had to go out to our storage unit to get a lot of our bigger stuff. But in the end, we were mostly all moved in and were able to spend Christmas in our new home with Caleb’s parents!!

Once again I made this post way too long! I’m so sorry! I don’t realize how much there is to our story till I start writing. As I reflect on our story I’m reminded just how God always provides! It’s amazing that we found our house, Caleb was blessed with a job and we moved into our new home all within a month! It’s all due to God’s awesomeness!! I couldn’t be happier with our home. It’s everything I ever wanted and I’m excited to make it ours! Currently, finishing up my office and will be sharing photos soon!!!! 🙂  For now you can follow along on my Instagram with the hashtag, #ourhomewiththeyellowdoor! Thanks so much for reading my lengthy post!!! Also, if you’re house hunting…don’t give up! The house God has in mind for you is out there. Just keep praying and listening! It’ll be worth it!

Our Home With The Yellow Door


In His Love,




Home Is Where You Make It | Part 2

January 23, 2017

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