Last weekend we officially kicked off our wedding season! As I was prepping our bags it got me thinking that this would be the perfect time to share some 5 random items we carry to every wedding! I think people would be surprised by the amount of stuff we have packed in our car for weddings. We have a whole duffle bag full of stuff that we use for details and in case of an emergency! Because honestly you never know what will happen on a wedding day so we try to be prepared! Plus we are constantly finding new stuff to use for styling details too! Make sure you look at the bottom of this post for a photo of everything in our duffle bag as well!

5 Random Items We Bring To Every Wedding

1. Collapsible White Table

Last year we discovered the magic of bringing along our own white table for details. I found a little TV tray table at hobby lobby for $13 and even though we went through 3 of them it was seriously amazing! It changed how we did details and made it SO much less stressful! After photographing the wedding dress, we use the train of the dress on our table to style the details ( shoes, flowers, rings, invites, etc.)

Sometimes we will use the bride’s veil ( if they have one) to add a little texture too! In the past, we would try to hang the dress over a chair but I just didn’t love it! But bringing our own table has been a game changer for sure! This year we bought a new table off Amazon and we’re hoping it’s a little more durable than our last one!

2. 3M Command Hooks

I’ve discovered over the years that my favorite dress shots are the simple ones. The ones where they’re on a simple wall with pretty light! However, most venues usually don’t have a place to hang the dress on those walls which is where the 3MM command hooks come in hand! They allow you to hang the dress up just about anywhere you want! They’re seriously life savers and they peel off the walls gently without damaging it! It’s been super helpful to keep a couple of the nice metal ones in our bags!

3. Pretty Hangers

This one probably seems silly. But I can’t tell you how many times I see pictures of these gorgeous wedding dresses that a bride spent a good amount of money on and they have this cheap plastic hanger! I really wish dress stores should provide nicer hangers but because they don’t we always keep pretty hangers in my style bag! Even a simple wood hanger looks better than a plastic one! Some brides provide their own hanger which is awesome but in case they don’t, we have some just in case! Makes a huge difference in photos. I need to take a photo for an example sometime!

4. Umbrellas

This is a pretty practical one but super helpful! Right now, we keep 9 umbrellas in our truck at all times just in case. However, I decided I’m going to order a few more too. Because sometimes you just never know what the weather will do. Last weekend, it started raining right as we were about to take portraits. Thankfully, the bridal party was game for just using umbrellas! Personally, the clear bubble umbrellas are our fav!!

5. Mini Fans (& Bug Spray)

This one was another life saver last year! Summer is one of our busiest seasons and of course the hottest! Last year we photographed some seriously warm outdoor weddings. But we stocked up on mini fans so that our couples could use them to cool off and we saw how much they really loved them. We also enjoyed using them too of course! They may not put off a ton of cool air but they seriously make a difference! Occasionally, we’d let a family use one and not get it back which is totally okay because they’re pretty inexpensive! Also, we always try to keep bug spray wipes with us too!

We carry a lot of other stuff with us too! Those are just a few of the things we use the most!  You can see below our duffel bag we keep in the car for styling details and other emergency supplies. Not pictured is the step stool we take with us because I’m short! haha

5 Random Items We Bring To Every Wedding for Photographers

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5 Random Items We Bring To Every Wedding

April 4, 2017

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