I can barely contain my excitement about showing off Emily & Derek’s engagement shoot! It’s probably one of my new favs!!! I knew from the first email I received from Emily that we were going to get along so well! It was almost like I was emailing myself! Haha So I was super excited to finally meet her & Derek! It felt like I was meeting old friends! These two are seriously so stinking cute and so much fun!

Emily wasn’t sure where she wanted to do her shoot, so I sent her a couple different options one of which was Lindsborg! I’ve only shot at Coronado Heights once but knew that the dress she planned to wear would look amazing there. I’m super glad they decided on Lindsborg. We start off at a cute little park with a little trail nearby! Then we ended at the gorgeous Coronado Heights. When we were shooting out there I was literally squealing with excitement! It’s seriously what I dream about shooting! They both looked so good and they were such naturals!!

I just loved that they even brought a pineapple a long because of the significance it means to them. They told me that when the topic of kissing came up that Derek wanted to kiss the girl he was going to marry. So then for Emily’s birthday, she received 3 things… mouthwash, tic tacs & a pineapple! That was Derek’s way of telling Emily that he wanted to kiss her! I jokingly asked what the pineapple had to do with that and he said it was to throw her off track!! How adorable is that story?!! After that, a pineapple meant something special to them. Derek even had one when he proposed to Emily!!

I seriously LOVE when couples share something meaningful like that with me so we can include it in their photos!! Okay… now it’s time for you to check out their stunning photos!!! To say I’m obsessed would be an understatement!
In His Love,
Joee Coronado Heights Engagement Lindsborg KS Coronado Heights Engagement Lindsborg KS Coronado Heights Engagement Lindsborg KS Coronado Heights Engagement Lindsborg KS

Coronado Heights Engagement Lindsborg KS

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Emily & Derek | Spring Coronado Heights Engagement | Lindsborg, KS

April 13, 2017

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