If you’ve been following me very long on my social media sites ( especially Instagram) then you probably know that I LOVE dresses! It’s kind of a problem… but let’s not talk about that, okay?! One of the most common questions I get is, “Where do I shop for my cute dresses?” So today I thought I’d share my top 4 places to shop for dresses! Whether they’re casual for everyday wear or a little more dressier for a photo shoot or date night! I love shopping for both! haha Right now I’m going through a maxi dress phase because I love shooting weddings in them!

I hope if you’re in search for a dress for a special occasion or just because that this post helps! Also, I’m not being paid to promote any of these sites and I’m sorry if there is a dress site you love that I didn’t list! These are just a few of my favs! But I love discovering new dress sites, so please comment if I left one you love off! I’d love to check it out!!



So a couple of months ago, I was following a photographer and she mentioned this online boutique VICI. Of course, I checked it out and was instantly in love with everything! You guys if you want to know a secret this is my guilty pleasure! They’re constantly adding new inventory and it’s SO dangerous for me. I highly recommend checking out their Instagram because they almost always have a 20% off coupon!!

2. Morning Lavender

This is another site that is pretty new to me but I love following them to see what new things they come out with! Morning Lavender dresses seems so girly & fun! I am little bummed that the sizing does seem to be a little smaller and usually have better luck with VICI clothes fitting. However, I still love all their dresses! So many would be cute for engagement photos! ( Also, I totally ordered that first dress pictured below…)

3. Magnolia Boutique

Once again this another site that I recently discovered! The Magnolia Boutique has become a new favorite! I actually bought the dress I wore for my birthday from this site! It made me feel so pretty and I’ve never gotten so many compliments on a dress before! They have such a fun selection of dresses too!

4. Maurices

Now I’m not sure if Maurices is just a Midwest store chain but this has always been one of my favorite places to find dresses! All of the sites I’ve listed so far are online but Maurices has an actual store! But they also have an online website you can order from too! It also helps that the workers are always SO friendly & helpful!

Our local Maurices girls know what I love and even had me come in to try on a dress they thought I’d love ( which I did)! I love that they have a bunch of super comfy casual dresses but then dressier ones too! My closet is a lot of Maurices! Oh and sometimes they have BOGO sales which is the best!!

Those are my top 4 favorite places to shop for dresses! However, a couple other places I like checking out if those 4 places fail me are…

ModCloth – Their dresses always remind me of something Jess from New Girl would wear!

Target– I mean do I need to say more?!

Francesca’s  –  My closet has way too many of their dresses too!

Lulus– Now if you’re needing a long flowy dress or something a little fancier… this is the site for you! So many cute options!

4 Favorite Dress Sites for Engagement Photos

Anyways, now that I’ve openly admitted that I have a major dress obsession ( no judgments, please haha) … because I mean they’re so comfy & it’s way easier for me to decide on what to wear then finding a shirt & top! Plus I don’t do jeans… they just make me feel too fat! haha I hope this post helps you find the dress you’ve been looking for! If it does please send me photos! Dress shopping is kind of a weird/ bad hobby of mine!

In His Love,


Confessions of a Dressaholic | My Top 4 Favorite Dress Sites

July 31, 2017

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