A year ago Caleb & I made a huge leap of faith and decided to pick up and move to Emporia, KS. Now I’ve already blogged about why we decided to move & how things fell into place which you can read here. But I wanted just to touch base on how we’re feeling about our move a year later.

The decision to move to Emporia was probably one of the best decisions we’ve made in our 6 years of marriage. However, it was nerve-racking & we definitely had our doubts. When we moved here it wasn’t all easy. We started out living in a tiny dungeon apartment that we couldn’t stand. Caleb was working long & tiring hours. But we were already feeling so much happier. Isn’t it crazy how a place can just feel like home?! We had no idea how God would provide but we trusted he would! 4 months into living in Emporia he allowed Caleb to find a job he loves & we found our dream home!

We’ve several things this past year but I narrowed it down to three!

  1. Trusting that God knows best, always leads to the amazing results.
  2. The value of supporting local businesses in town because that’s what makes this town so great!
  3. Slow down & appreciate the things ( & people) around you. One of my favorite things about Emporia is that it has such a slow pace feel. I’ve never met so many friendly people as I have here! Plus being able to just walk to most places has been such a blessing!

I don’t even mind that we’re traveling about an hour to 2 hours for most of the weddings we photograph because it keeps things exciting! I hope in the future we will have the opportunity to photograph weddings in Emporia. But I love that moving here has allowed us the freedom to travel to all around Kansas for weddings! Caleb & I discovered some fun podcasts!

This feels off topic but I couldn’t help but share our gorgeous 6-year anniversary photos that Emma York Photography captured! It means so much that we had them taken in Emporia. I can’t say how important it is to get your photos taken even if you don’t particularly love how you look ( something I’m always struggling with.)

It means so much to me that we have our anniversary photos taken each year. It’s our way of documenting each year of our marriage! So yes, sometimes it’s a few pounds heavier than I’d prefer. However, the important thing is when I look at these images in 50 years, I’ll see the love in my husband’s eyes! But okay okay… end of rant! Hope you enjoy this post! Thanks for reading! Sorry, it got a little lengthy!

In His Love,


Our 6yr Anniversary Photos & Celebrating a Year in Emporia

Thank you SO much to Emma York Photography for doing such amazing job on our photos! You can check out more of her awesome work here!

Our 6 year Anniversary Photos & Celebrating a Year in Emporia

September 25, 2017

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  1. Liz

    September 25th, 2017 at 10:08 pm

    Love love love them all!!!

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