A year ago (tomorrow) we bought our dream home! You can read more about the incredible story behind buying our home here. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year! It’s probably been my favorite year & the fastest at the same time! Our home was built in 1905 which I love because old homes are just my favorite. They have some much beautiful character!!!

Our home has lots of projects but I’m totally okay with that! We’re taking it one room at a time! Last winter after we bought our home we really tried to take advantage of our offseason and get as much done as possible! We’ve been focusing on painting which has already made a huge difference! So far we’ve updated my office, our entryway room, living room and we just completed our dining room! I’m so excited with how it all turned out!

I thought it would be super fun to celebrate a year in our home by showing you guys some of the projects we’ve been working on! I’m hoping now that winter is here again we can knock out some more rooms! But for now, I’m so happy that our downstairs is almost complete! There is, of course, lots of things that I’d love to add but I’m super happy with how it all looks for now!!! I’m not pro decorator and personally prefer pretty simple decor but I’ve enjoyed adding little touches here & there! Also, I plan on doing a blog post about how I go about painting furniture, so stay tuned!

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I made the goal to photograph our home every season and I had a blast planning out what I wanted to change for each season! Tell me which season is your fav in the comments! ūüôā

Our Entryway Room

Things changed:

  • Painted the trim white but left the original stairs wood ( they’re just too pretty!)
  • Painted the walls a beautiful light grey/ cream color! We went with SW Drift of Mist and it’s my fav!


Living Room

Things changed:

  • Painted the trim white ( which I’m so glad we did because it really brightened it up!)
  • Painted the walls a very light grey- SW Eider White
  • Stained the mantelpiece
  • Painted the fireplace white ( I made myself do this last because the yellow fireplace¬†was driving me nuts! lol)
  • In order to make our coffee table last a little longer, I stained the top & painted the bottom white!


Things I’d like to add:

  • New furniture- Couch + chair
  • Huge Area Rug ( this may be our next big purchase!)


Dining Room

Things changed: 

  • Painted the trim white
  • Painted the walls a light grey- SW Eider White
  • Painted the Piano White
  • Painted the hutch grey
  • Stained the top of dining room table + painted the bottom white
  • Painted the sliding door¬† white ( love this old home charm!)
  • Added a large canvas print to cover our air conditioner¬†unit for downstairs
  • Bought slipcovers for dining room chairs ( we have 6 chairs but the slipcovers only cover the 4 without arms! )


Things I’d like to add:¬†

  • New dining room chairs or reupholster them ( they’re tricky because they have fabric on both sides otherwise I’d do them myself!)
  • Shelves or large photos for the back wall


Joee’s Office

Things changed:

  • Painted walls light grey/ cream- SW Drift of Mist
  • Painted trim white
  • Painted desk white ( it was cream)
  • Painted door Pink ( my fav part of the office!)


You can see more about my office here!


So far that’s all we’ve got done! But our list is pretty long! Next up we hope to work on this little space in between the kitchen & entryway! It’s also where we keep the girls dog cage & our washer/dryer is located! Then we hope to work on our bedroom, Caleb’s office, Man cave & upstairs! Hope you follow along on our journey!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

A Year In Our Dream Home

December 21, 2017

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