If you’ve been following along on our house journey, you know that since we moved into our home a little over a year ago, we’ve slowly been repainting the rooms! ( You can see all the rooms we’ve updated so far here. ) Personally, I’m obsessed with super light colored walls & white furniture! Well, a lot of our furniture has been handed down to us or from college which isn’t super cute! But thank goodness I was introduced to chalk paint & my world was changed! I figured since I’ve had several people message me about using Chalk Paint I thought I’d just share the process & a couple tips!


Benefits of  Using Chalk Paint

You can tell from the many projects I’ve used Chalk Paint that I really love it and I’m going to share a couple of those reasons!

      1.  NO SANDING required!!!! ( Cue the praise hands!) Because for real sanding is the worst part! But thankfully with Chalk Paint, you don’t have sand.
      2. Super easy to use! All the instructions are on the back but you just use their special brush or your own natural fibers brush to put it on!
      3. Easy cleanup! Literally, you can just use soap & water to clean up your brushes or if you accidentally get it on the floor ( I’ve done this way too often!)
      4. Looks GORGEOUS! I love the matte finish and you can always sand the corners to give it that more rustic look if you want! I personally prefer not to do that!

    After painting several pieces of our furniture I’ve learned a couple helpful tips for using Chalk Paint that I thought I’d share with you guys! Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes!

    Tips for Using Chalk Paint

        1. Use the off-brand chalk paint! The Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is really great but it’s so expensive ( $30ish for a small can!) But I’ve used the Rust-Oleum brand from our local hardware store and it works just as well for only $20!!! Also, when buying white I like the pure white for AS & Linen white in the RO brand!!
        2. Thoroughly clean your piece before you start painting. I’ve made this mistake before and then I had to put several coats on to cover all the grim! haha
        3. Do a 2nd coat! If I’m using the white paint, I’ve learned that I have to at least do another coat if not a 3rd! The 2nd coat usually makes the brush strokes less noticeable.
        4. Use the special wax that seals the paint after you’re done if your piece will be getting lots of use! However, personally, the waxing part is my least fav and I usually skip that step unless it’s something I know will be getting dirty! Like Caleb’s coffee bar! But I’ve found the pieces I didn’t wax ( like the gray hutch) did fine without it as well!


    Honestly, I love using Chalk Paint because even though there are a couple different steps I find it’s so much easier than having to sand a piece down. Plus I love how it looks when it’s all done! Someday I’m sure we will buy new furniture pieces ( like a coffee table) but until then this is a cost-effective to really spruce things up! Hopefully, this post has helped!  Let me know if you have any questions!

Benefits & Tips for Using Chalk Paint

January 23, 2018

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