Meet The Seibel Crew

This may be super silly but I thought it’d be fun to share some fun little facts about each of my family members ( including me!) That way you feel like you get to know us a little better! I tried to go with things people might not normally know! Hope you enjoy them!!! I have to say my family is adorable!!

Meet Caleb

  • He drinks black coffee at home but at our favorite coffee shop, he gets the Caramello hot.
  • He’s currently reading the Dark Tower series by Stephen King
  • He tries to go on an annual hunting trip with his Mom ( he got his 2nd deer this past November.)
  • He’s a dreamer & comes up with a creative new business idea about every day!
  • He loves retro video games like The Legend of Zelda- A Link to the Past ( he said I had to write out the official name! haha) I bought him a Nintendo 64 for Christmas.
  • He doesn’t go a day without wearing his cowboy boots & Samsung smartwatch!

Guilty Pleasure:

He loves to rewatch the show It Crowd ( & quote it while watching it!) That’s of course if we’re not watching The Office for the 100th time!

Meet Joee

  • I’m a huge book nerd! For real, I read way too much ( my goal is 100 books for this year!) I LOVE reviewing my books on Goodreads & going to the library way too much! You can find my top 5 books from 2017 here.
  • I always order an iced Bianca Breve from the coffee shop ( so it’s white chocolate + half & half + espresso!) I can’t do straight coffee!
  • I collect Salt & Pepper shakers but only the super cute ones of course! ( yes, I’m like an 80-year-old!)
  • I’m horrible at sticking with a TV show which means I’ve tried & never finished SO many shows. I joke that I have TV ADD because I get bored so easily! Unless it’s Gilmore Girls or The Office which I’m always watching!!
  • I’m a HUGE night owl… if I go to bed before 3 am it’s a early night! I just work better at night ( and love sleeping in.)
  • My dream is to write a book before I’m 30 ( I’ve got 3 years to get to it!) When I was a teen I use to write the cheesiest romance stories back in my room on this old school computer. ( Yup, I had no life!)

Guilty Pleasure:

I’m slightly ( read: majorly) addicted to online shopping… especially if it’s for dresses ( most likely floral or pink ones!) You can find my fav places to shop for dresses here!

Meet Carlee

  • She was the 1st doggie we adopted and we drove all the way to Missouri to get her. We think she’s a mix of a King Charles Spaniel & dachshund.
  • When we first got her she was very nervous ( and still is) but has gotten much better since we’ve adopted her sister, Leia!
  • She has a huge personality and is very vocal. So in other words, She’s a cute little stinker! If she wants something she’ll let you know. She pretty much speaks English too because she knows the words “carrots”, “treats”, “car ride”, “Go”& “kitty”. So we have to watch what we say around her unless we want her to start freaking out. This really helps when I’m trying to get her attention for pictures.
  • She loves to play hide & seek in our house! No for real, we hide & holler for her to find us and she does! She barks when she finds us! It’s the best!
  • She’s pretty much the Queen of the house & lays on pills of blankets + pillows!

Guilty Pleasure:

She loves to pull out all the blankets out of this basket by our fireplace EVERY NIGHT… It’s usually her telling us she want’s her carrots which they get around 9 pm.

Meet Leia

  • She’s the reason I don’t get baby fever. She’s my little baby!
  • Caleb truly rescued her and at first I wasn’t sure I wanted to have another dog but now I can’t imagine not having 2 dogs! They are such good company for us & each other! We think she’s a pomeranian & dachshund mix
  • She loves to snuggle & give kisses. ( So watch out when she greets you!)
  • She is a huge people person. So of course she loves when company comes over.
  • She doesn’t love our hardwood floor which means she’ll only play on our bed or our rugs!
  • She has a hard time playing with other dogs besides Carlee.. I think it’s because she’s worried they’ll take her toys.

Guilty Pleasure:

She LOVES to burrow! Pretty much she’s always under the blankets! If for some crazy reason I have to get up early, she likes to sneak back under the covers!

Meet The Faces Behind Moments of Grace Photography

February 1, 2018

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