So a couple of years Caleb & I surveyed some our past brides about their wedding experience and what advice they had to share with future brides!! So I thought that’d revamp this old blog post to reshare because I felt it was so helpful for future brides! I went ahead and asked other brides ( who aren’t just our brides) what they would have changed as well! I will say that the #1 thing I can’t stress enough is the importance of a talented & trustworthy photographer ( and I’m not just saying this because I’m a wedding photographer!)

These answered came from a survey I sent some past brides along with a Facebook post where I asked the #1 thing people would change & what advice they had for future brides. In order to maintain their privacy, I won’t be sharing their names. I hope if you’re currently planning a wedding that their wise words help you in some way!


Things Past Bride’s would change:

  • Invited fewer guests to make it a more intimate, private wedding to be shared with those closest to them. “We had approximately 170 guests at our wedding and to this day I probably couldn’t tell you half of the people I got to hug!” Some brides even mentioned they would have eloped & spent money on traveling + the photographer!’


  • Do a 1st look!!! “If I were planning a wedding again, I would definitely do a 1st look.” Things were slightly rushed having to take all the large group photos after the ceremony.


  • Spent more money on flowers and made other decorations more simple.  This bride felt that bringing in more flowers would have made her indoor ceremony feel a little more outdoorsy.


  • Focused less on the little details. Several brides mentioned they wished they wouldn’t have stressed out about all the “little” details. But instead trusted others to help with planning & decorating. “Don’t let the little things both you- it’ll all be perfect and there really is no need to stress if you are organized & prepared.”


  • Hired a Professional Videographer! “I would have loved to look back a watch our wedding, especially our ceremony. Our pastor gave a great message & it’s hard to remember it now” Moments of Grace loves working with Wild Oak Films!!!


  • Bought their dress from a dress boutique instead of David’s Bridal. She wanted to save money so she chose David’s Bridal & tried to fix the dress to look like one from a boutique but she ended up not having a dress that fits properly!



Advice to current & future brides from past brides:

  • Focus on the marriage instead of the wedding.  The wedding is just one day while your marriage is forever! ” Pinterest is great, but do not focus on your decor. Make sure you focus on yourself and your future husband.”

  • Splurge on the photographer! “Seriously the most important part of your day. Unplug the day of and let your photographer document your day.” “Spend your money on what matters: being with your person on the day you become one and capturing that moment with a fantastic photographer.”


  • Make sure you do what YOU want not what someone else wants. It’s okay if you want to do something quirky. “Don’t feel guilty spending a lot of money on things that are important to you as the bride.. Splurge on photography, food, drinks and your wedding gown and less on everything else because at the end of the day, all you will have left are the memories, your dress and the gorgeous photos!”


  • Keep in mind that your groom most likely has no idea how expensive weddings are or how much work goes into them. So be prepared to educate them on the process.


  • Have a supportive bridal party because you’re with them all day and they can help take away the stress. If you feel overwhelmed easy, you may want a smaller bridal party.


  • “I HIGHLY recommend the first look! I know what you’re thinking: that breaks tradition, and what about the special moments you have when you eyes meet at the alter? First off, breaking tradition feels great! You get more time with your husband, more time with your photographer, more pictures! Plus you get your nerves out of the way and are more relaxed during your ceremony. Secondly, you get TWO special moments! The first when he turns around and sees you for the first time and second when you eyes meet when you are walking up the aisle to him. It felt so good seeing my husband before and just talking to him and him holding me…”


  • Have fun & Stay calm/ hydrated!!! ” Stop and eat a piece of cake. Otherwise, you won’t get any. Be the first to eat!


Wedding Advice to Future Brides From Past Brides

I hope you enjoyed reading what past brides had to say about their wedding experience and hopefully, it helped you! These girls had some seriously awesome advice that I couldn’t have said better myself! I know weddings are super stressful but I hope that you’re able to enjoy the whole process because it’s truly such a wonderful time in your life!  Thank you for stopping by! Wanna learn more about the Moments of Grace wedding experience? See more info here.

In His Love,




Wedding Advice to Future Brides From Past Brides

February 22, 2018

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  1. Sara Ellison

    July 11th, 2017 at 4:10 pm

    Hello, how long in advance do we have to book for you guys to photograph our wedding?


    July 11th, 2017 at 4:14 pm

    Hey Sara!!
    It really just depends on your date but I usually book out around a year to 6 months! But some dates go quicker than others! Feel free to shoot me a message to discuss more details about reserving your date! Thanks!! 🙂

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