Outdoor weddings are seriously some of my favorites!!!! I know they can be tricky because you never what the weather will do but if it all works out it’s seriously so worth it! I’m pretty sure if I was to redo my wedding I’d do it outside. But I think it’s because I just love natural light. In order to help you plan your perfect outdoor wedding here are 4 helpful tips!! If you follow these tips this should hopefully help your day be picture perfect!!!


1. Location! Location! Location!

It’s so important that you choose a beautiful backdrop without distractions such as telephone poles, cars, house, etc.


2. It’s ALL about the lighting!!!

If you only follow one of these tips.. I highly suggest this one! Lighting is SO important! When choosing what time your wedding should be I highly suggest an hour to two hours before sunset. ( I’d ask your photographer for a better idea of what exact time would be best!) That way the light will be soft & gorgeous!!  Then we can take pretty sunset portraits afterward!

Another thing to keep in mind when planning your outdoor wedding is it try to make sure there is no splotchy light ( that’s when the light is very uneven.) I would suggest that you either have all of your seats in the shade or all in the sun. When the bride comes down the aisle you don’t want half of the bride to be in shade & the other half in sun because it just doesn’t look as nice.  Even lighting is the best ( which is why having a wedding at sunset is perfect!)


3. Have a good plan B in case of rain

You’ve probably already thought about this one but you never know what the weather will be like! As a backup plan, you could either have a tent on standby or an indoor location. I would make sure it’s a pretty indoor location so that you won’t disappointed later on. I’d say if you absolutely want to have an outdoor wedding you could have the ceremony start time pushed back a little  OR just own it and have everyone use their umbrellas depending on how bad it’s raining!   Side note: I think it’d be so cute for the bride to have a pair of rainboots as back up shoes!


4. Keep your guests ( & yourself) comfortable

If your outdoor wedding is in the summer then most likely it’s going to be hot & buggy… so in order to help your guest be more comfortable, I suggest providing them with bug spray & a hand fan. Plus bottled water is always good to provide as well! If your wedding is in the fall then it could possibly be cold.. so having some shawls or blankets on hand would be a great idea as well!

Brides- I highly suggest you wear shoes that are comfy because you don’t want your shoes sticking in the mud. (Or you could always buy those heel stoppers.) But either way, you wanna be comfortable because you’re going to be on your feet all day. If you really want cute shoes you can have a backup pair for when you’re feet get tired! That’s what I did cause I had to wear pink sparkly heels!



As you plan your outdoor wedding I hope you look into using these tips! Outdoor weddings can be so picture perfect!!!  If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below or email me!

In His love,




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4 Tips for Planning the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

March 15, 2018

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