EEEK!! I’m legit giddy about showing more photos from Amanda & Zach’s gorgeous country engagement shoot in Silver Lake, KS! You guys, I LOVE THEM ALL!!! Okay, sorry for yelling but for real. I met Amanda & Zach at a friend’s property in the outskirts of Silver Lake. Thankfully, we were blessed the most perfect Fall day! I mean the beautiful sunshine made things even dreamier!

When we first arrived at the location, I spotted this random stone wall and about freaked out because omg!!!! I LOVE hidden gems like that. It had the perfect little space for them to sit in!  Sometimes the first couple shots of a shoot are more a “warm-up” to get rid of the nervous energy. But not for Amanda & Zach. These two were just instantly such naturals in front of the camera. Some of our first shots are my favorites. But I, of course, have SO many favorites from their shoot.

Not to mention while we were taking these photos by the wall they had a crowd of cows watching! I’ve photographed cows with couples at least 4 times and I’ve never met a group of cows that didn’t run away. There were many baby calves too!!!! SO CUTE!!!! We had to snap a photo of Amanda & Zach amongst them too and I love it! Another awesome hidden gem at their location was an abandoned house. I’ve been dying to shoot in an abandoned house for a while now and this was one was so neat! Plus the light was perfect!

I literally had SO much fun getting to know Amanda & Zach! They’re just so sweet and SO gorgeous together! I kept telling Amanda that she needs to be a model because she’s so pretty ( inside & out!) You could just feel the love between them and it made my heart so happy! They had such a happy energy together! I loved that they were so game for whatever I suggested. Like climbing onto to haybales! Okay, I feel like I could keep raving about their amazing shoot but I’m too excited for you to see their photos!! Prepare to do lots of oohing & awwing! Hope you love them as much as I do! I’m so excited for their wedding!!!

In His Love,


Fall Country Engagement Silver Lake KS

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Amanda & Zach | Fall Country Engagement | Silver Lake, KS

November 8, 2018

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