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Your wedding day goes by SO quickly and in order to help your day be less stressful a solid timeline is a must! I personally like making timelines for my couples. It’s so important to have a realistic timeline because at some point in the day you’ll most likely get behind schedule. That’s why it’s good to prepare for those circumstances by adding “buffer” time throughout the day! Usually the getting ready process is one of those times that things seem to take longer than expected.  This is why I’m starting this timeline series with details/ getting ready tips.  If you’re interested in reading about 3 simple tips for creating gorgeous getting ready images you can find the post I wrote here.  Today’s post will focus on things you should consider when planning out the morning of your wedding!


Detail Tips:

  • Plan to allow a full hour for details.  This may seem like a ridiculous amount of time but it allows me to capture them in a gorgeous, story-like manner. Details are the 1st thing I’ll start with on a wedding day. It’s great way for me to get warmed up & allow my creative juices to start flowing.
  • Have your dress already on a pretty hanger, with tags & plastic removed. It makes a HUGE difference in photos if your dress has a generic plastic hanger VS a pretty wooden one. ( If you happen to forget I do bring along my own wooden hangers.)
  • Try to have everything you want for detail photos together in a box. Things to gather are; flowers, ALL 3 rings, shoes, jewelry, wedding invites, perfume & anything else you might think would be a pretty touch ( such as ribbon or a special sign). If there is anything sentimental you’re wearing or having at your wedding make sure to include that.
  • Tell your bridesmaid/ Maid of Honor where the box you prepared is located so that we don’t have to bother you ( the bride!) 🙂


 Getting Ready Timeline Tips:

  • Plan on your photographer being there for about an hour & 45 mins to 2 hours to capture details & getting ready.
  • Start the bride’s hair about 30-40 minutes before your photographer arrives that way when your photographer arrives they’ll catch the finishing touches  ( make sure you have your hairdresser there earlier though to do your bridesmaids hair.)
  • Bridesmaids should be dressed right after their hair is done unless there will be a special robe photo (if your bridesmaids are wearing fun robes.) *This is VERY important because usually the day gets behind because we are waiting for bridesmaids/ Mom to get dressed so that the bride can get dressed. *
  • Try to have about 2-3 people helping you get into your dress but still have your other bridesmaids around. We can do a photo once the bride is dressed that includes all bridesmaids.
  • If you want your Mom to be with you when you’re getting dressed make sure she stays in the room or near by.  This way we don’t have to hunt her down when it’s time for you to get dressed.
  • Brides PLEASE wait to put on your veil, shoes and jewelry until you’ve put on your dress. It’ll make for much prettier pictures!! Also, I love using the veil for detail shots. If possible have your hairdresser stay till you’re dressed to help with the veil or have them show your maid of honor how to put it in.
  • Tell your Groom to wait about 30 minutes before your 1st look to get dressed. Or at least make sure that the 2nd photographer ( Caleb) is present.  It’s way too common for the guys to be all ready to go by the time Caleb gets there. We can still do reenactment shots but it’s not usually the same.


A few things to consider ( and tell your photographer):

  • Are you having a 1st look with your father, bridesmaids, or any other special person in your life ( not counting your groom)?
  • Will you be exchanging gifts with your significant other?  Do you want that photographed? If yes, when?
  • Who do you want to help you get into your dress?


I hope brides & future brides find this post helpful! Sorry it turned out so long there was lots to cover!

In His love,






Getting Ready Timeline Tips

January 28, 2016

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