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Over the past couple months I’ve been going through certain parts of the wedding day and providing some helpful tips to make them go smoothly. In case you’ve missed the other post I’ve done they’re posted below ( under the tips section.) Well today I wanted to share some tips for helping your bridal party photos go as quick & painless possible. I know a lot of times depending on the size of your bridal party this part of the day can be a little tricky and overwhelming. I usually try to plan for bridal party photos to take about 30 minutes. Hopefully, if everyone is cooperating it may even take a little less. We all know that not everyone enjoys taking photos especially guys. But hopefully by following the tips mentioned everyone can have fun & get back to the celebrations quickly!


Bridal Party Portrait Tips:

  • Have your Bridal party prepping for their photos while the Bride & Groom photos are being taken. Put boutonnieres on the groomsmen! This is usually one of the main reasons why we might get behind during bridal party photos.  Also, make sure your bridesmaids have their bouquets.
  • Make sure all the guys remove everything from their front pockets, keys, wallet, cigarettes etc. Girls should  remove their hair ties in the morning before any getting ready photos are taken. ( Also, make sure you double check that no ones bra straps are showing.)
  • Everyone should keep their sunglasses & drinks out of site. Even better if there are no drinks during photos so we don’t have to wait for everyone to stash them behind the photographer.
  • Inform your Bridal Party of the timeline for their photos. It’s important for your bridal party to know when they should be ready to go. But also so they’re aware the limited amount of time we have for photos. Hopefully that will help them mess around less & get photos done quickly! (This is mostly for the Groomsmen because some will have a hard time taking photos seriously).
  • Tell your bridesmaids if they’re wearing heels they may want to pack some comfortable shoes in case we have to walk a little ways or invest in some heel stoppers.
  • Encourage your bridal party to save most of their drinking for after photos since we are limited on time. ( And so they don’t have glazed over eyes!)
  • If you want the flower girl & ring bearer to be in photos have them ready towards the end of bridal party photos that way they don’t get fussy being in their outfits too long.
  • While I photograph the Bridesmaids, my 2nd shooter Caleb, will capture individual shots of the Groom with each of his Groomsmen. Then vice versa with the Bridesmaids.
  • Inform your photographer of any special poses that you have in mind. Your photographer will mostly have certain poses they do with each bridal party but it’s always nice to spice things up with a fun new pose that you have in mind.
  • Have fun! Your Bridal Party are some of your closest friends & they’ll hopefully keep you excited/ pumped throughout the day! So make sure you just soak it all in and enjoy your bridal party photos! The more fun you have the better you’re photos will be!


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Bridal Party Portrait Tips

July 6, 2016

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