If you’ve been following me on Instagram then you probably saw that we’ve had 2 major changes in the past 6 months. But for those of you who don’t know we recently relocated to Emporia, KS & bought our dream home! I’ve been wanting to share the story of how these big changes came about for quite some time, but just haven’t sat down and made it happen… until today! I hope you’re ready for this lengthy story!

The “Why”

Let me start off by sharing what brought us to Emporia. If I’m 100% honest with you… we still aren’t really sure! We’ve enjoyed living in Wichita for the past 4 years but have always felt like it wasn’t where we were meant to put down roots. We knew a move was coming but we were waiting for God’s timing.

Caleb & I both grew up in small towns and I think we missed the feeling of that small town charm. Also, so many of our friends were moving away and we started feeling like the Wichita chapter of our life was coming to an end. Plus I do lots of traveling in Kansas for weddings so we thought a location that was a little more central but still close enough to Wichita would be ideal.

The idea of moving to Emporia just kind of happened. We visited a couple times because we had some friends who recently moved there & my brother lives there as well. We quickly discovered how charming it was. We instantly fell in love with the Granda Coffee Company because of the cozy atmosphere & their sweet workers. We just loved the “feeling” of Emporia. It felt like home! If that makes any sense! Emporia also in a perfect location that is close to Wichita, Topeka, Manhattan & Southeast, KS which are all places I travel to frequently. We also felt like God was calling our hearts to Emporia but we really didn’t know why.


So it begins…

At the time we were going on regular bike rides and during those rides, we’d discuss the crazy idea of moving to Emporia. We knew that the responsible thing to do was for Caleb to find a job to legitimately justify the move. So one day we visited Emporia and spent hours at our new favorite coffee shop while Caleb filled out job applications. As we drove by Family Video, I suggested that maybe he think of applying there because we love watching movies and we have always been impressed with how friendly they are. Caleb went in for an application and the Manager informed him that their Assistant Manager had just given their notice. So after filling out his application he went ahead and had his first interview. Several weeks and interviews later Caleb had the job that would bring us to Emporia! It was totally a God thing!

We soon had to find a place to live. We knew we wanted a place that allowed us to have our dogs & a short-term lease because we were getting serious about buying our own house to call home. We finally discovered this super tiny one bedroom apartment that the best thing going for it was that it allowed us to have dogs & we only had to sign a 3-month lease! We were desperate so we said yes without looking at too many other options!

Now I probably should mention the crazy part in all this… We needed to give our current landlord in Wichita a month notice before moving. So before Caleb even had the job offer or we had a place to live we told our landlord that we’d be moving at the end of September. So even though Caleb didn’t have an official job offer yet & we didn’t have a place to live we told our landlord that we’d be moving at the end of September because we felt like that was the right direction for us to be moving. We trusted that God would provide and put us where he wanted us! It was such a crazy leap of faith and my anxiety level was through the roof. We went on LOTS of bike rides during that period of our life! haha


The dreaded question

When we finally moved we had lots of people asking the one question that made me cringe… “What brought you to Emporia?” I was slightly embarrassed by the fact that we didn’t have a “real” reason to tell people other than we just felt like God was calling us there. I usually would say because we had family in town or we wanted that small town charm or a more central location. Which were all reasons that went into our decision to move, but really we were just trusting that it was God drawing our hearts to Emporia. And I can say that we’ve lived in Emporia for about 4 months now and we couldn’t be happier. Emporia truly feels like home and I find myself more at peace and less anxious. I mean there is no crazy traffic, we’re a short walk away from our favorite coffee shop, and everyone is incredibly friendly! Plus we ended up finding our dream home!!! But you can read more about that in part 2 of this blog series because this post is way too long already! Sorry about that! You won’t want to miss the incredible story of how we found our dream home next week!

In His Love,



Home Is Where You Make It | Part 1

January 17, 2017

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  1. Sabrina

    January 17th, 2017 at 9:27 pm

    Loved reading this and can’t wait to read part two! You two are amazing and the way you search Gods calling on your lives is something amazing.

  2. mrs.seibel13@gmail.com

    January 17th, 2017 at 9:43 pm

    Thank you SO much, Sabrina! 🙂 That really means alot!

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