This probably seems odd but the shoots that usually turn out to be my fav are the ones where I get lost trying to find the location! haha That’s exactly what happened at Chelsea & Jason’s engagement shoot. I met them at Chelsea’s dad’s house way out in the country. And of course, my GPS took me to the wrong spot getting me completely lost. So Jason had to instruct me how to get there over the phone! Thankfully I found it and discovered they had some super cute spots picked out! Country engagement shoots are my favorite ( even if I get lost!)

I had so much photographing these Chelsea & Jason! I mean they’re probably the happiest couple ever! It’s impossible to not see how much they love each other in their photos! They made my job so easy!! We were blessed with a seriously gorgeous summer night! Funny story: while I was editing their photos I texted Chelsea asking her if her tattoo was a Harry Potter reference.( Her tattoo is so neat!!!)  And she said it was which lead to us talking about how much we love Harry Potter! She told me about some fun ways she tying her love for Harry Potter into her wedding which got me even more excited!
At the end of our awesome shoot, we discovered that my car had a flat tire. But Jason & Chelsea’s dad were so kind and changed my tire for me! They made it looks so easy too!! Even despite the flat tire, it was an amazing evening!!  I love ALL of their photos!! Sorry for oversharing, I  had a heck of a time selecting my favorites! I hope you love them too! Be prepared to have your heart stolen by these two!
In His Love,

Summer Country Engagement Independence KS Summer Country Engagement Independence KS
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Chelsea & Jason | Summer Country Engagement | Independence, KS

June 19, 2017

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